Radiant in Residential

Florida Habitat for Humanity homes use solar energy to heat water

Wed, 04/11/2012 - 06:17

The use of solar energy to heat the water in homes is a relatively new practice, but one that many organizations, including the Clearwater, Florida Habitat for Humanity, have employed as a way for homeowners to save money on energy costs.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that the Clearwater arm of the organization has installed solar panels on the roof of several homes in a development project located outside of the city, as these additions were made as a way to help families bring down their long-term costs.

"Progress Energy donated 15 solar water heating units for our affordable housing," Steven Lightburn, vice president of development for Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County, told the news source. "To have this kind of resource available is unbelievable."
According to the Times, this will help to drastically reduce the electric bills for the homes, and this money can be used by the struggling families to invest in other things that will improve their lives.

Solar water heating can be used in a number of applications around the home, as showers and dishwashing may be done using a fraction of the energy that these tasks would normally use.

Solar water heating can also utilized in terms of providing heat to a residence, as a radiant heating system may be linked with the technology in order to warm the water that is pumped through the panels of a system.

Certain products, such as Warmboard radiant heating systems, maximize the efficiency of this process, as the tubes that are used are made of highly-conductive aluminum and do not rely on the high water temperatures that other products need to operate.

This lowers the energy use for a home, and helps to maximize on the sustainable nature of a residence.