Radiant in Residential

Florida family to move into mold-free home

Thu, 07/28/2011 - 09:16

The Gibson family of Altamonte Springs, Florida was recently given the keys to a brand new home that was provided by Habitat for Humanity of Seminole County, according to the Seminole Chronicle.

The old home for the Gibson family posed a significant problem for their young son, as the buildup of allergens and contaminated air left the residence a dangerous place for the boy to live, the news source reported.

"I don't ever think I've been in a house that was that bad," Gayle Fleming, family services director at Habitat Seminole, told the Chronicle. "There was wall-to-wall carpet in every room that sucked in molds and allergens."

The new Leadership in Energy and Environment Design certified house that the family will move into comes complete with the latest technologies that minimize the allergens and potential toxins that are in the air, easing everyday living for Cameron Gibson, according to the news source.

Radiant heating that is installed in the floors of a house is another way to limit the amount of allergens in the air, as the technology provides an alternative to heating a home than using a forced-air system. The mites and dust that normally float around a residence are eliminated by using this type of heating system.