Radiant in Residential

Feel comfortable this winter with radiant floor heating

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 13:22

As the winter snow and sleet begins to fall from the sky, property owners across the nation are working hard to create a warm and relaxing space to call home - without breaking the bank. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average cost of a gallon of resident heating oil was $3.91 on December 2 - up from $3.88 recorded on November 25.
Energy costs continue to increase in price as winter settles in, which can mean homeowners are left tightening their budgets to afford the escalating cost of heating a house. Those wishing to decrease the cost of warming a property can consider the benefits associated with a radiant floor heating system. The eco-friendly solution is ideal for providing exceptional warmth without driving up the cost of heating a house. 
Unlike traditional forced hot air systems that use vents, baseboard units or radiators to deliver heat, a radiant floor heating system consistently moves warmth throughout the house with the power of conduction through the floors. This means that as homeowners or guests walk across the floors in a house they will feel the heat directly, which promotes greater comfort and relaxation. Because warmth is applied more directly to the space with a radiant floor heating system, less energy is used to heat the house and heat loss through the walls or windows is also decreased, boosting energy efficiency. 
Homeowners can enjoy the winter snow from the comfort of their own warm house with a radiant floor heating. The reduced stress concerning utility bills and exceptional warmth creates a relaxing atmosphere that's meant to be enjoyed.