Radiant in Residential

Falmouth home features organic design and radiant floor heating

Tue, 09/24/2013 - 08:32

In the quiet town of Falmouth, on Oyster Pond, one home recently listed as for sale is making people talk because of its very organic design. Patch Falmouth reported that the house at 96 Ransom Road features organic materials inside and out for a unique look. The green construction of this 11-year-old property is standing up well, with the various rooms and characteristics made from high-quality materials.
According to the news source, the three-bedroom, three-bath house is 2,261-square-feet and sits on a .44 acre lot. The house sits in the middle of a wooded area and its outside wood finishes makes it look like a natural part of the landscape. Homeowners and guests are able to look out from the numerous large windows to peer at Oyster Pond and the surrounding natural landscape. 
The home has a number of green features incorporated into its design. The news source reported that the organic materials, large windows and radiant floor heating system work together to decrease the carbon footprint associated with the home. Because of the location of the house, the radiant floor heating system is especially useful in reducing operational expenses. The cool winter months experienced in Massachusetts makes heating one of the greatest costs associated with purchasing a property. As a result, such an operationally efficient solution like radiant floor heating makes for the ideal investment. A radiant floor heating system reduces the chance for heat loss to occur in the house and provides consistent delivery of heat. A homeowner is able to therefore benefit from the functionality of the system and how it promotes rest and relaxation throughout the house.