Radiant in Residential

Even small homes can offer big amenities

Mon, 11/18/2013 - 06:30

Even the smallest properties can offer the greatest rewards if they have been appropriately outfitted with high-quality amenities. Architects, contractors and interior designers are latching on to this new trend, labeled "Small Lot, Big Ideas." The Daily Hampshire Gazette reported that small houses can be just as beautiful as often larger, more opulent properties if outfitted with the right materials and technologies.
Preceding the recession, many homebuyers in the U.S. purchased much larger properties than those that are gaining popularity now. The new trend is to design structures that have multi-purpose spaces instead of a room for every activity. This change was first inspired by the ability to reduce operating costs, but continued when many felt a smaller home allowed them to have a simpler life and less maintenance responsibilities.
One of the technologies that is often being installed in smaller homes to improve the comfort a homeowner will feel in the space is radiant floor heating. This eco-friendly technology reduces the monthly utility bills an individual will have to pay because it operates on less energy than more traditional warmth delivery options, including vents, radiators or baseboard units. Through the power of conduction, heat slowly spreads into a room in a consistent manner that is more effective than the sporadic pumping of heat used by forced hot air systems. 
A radiant floor heating system is an exceptional utility option that can fill a smaller property with warmth quickly and efficiently. Homeowners are able to walk throughout their house without ever having the discomfort of chilled toes due to cold floors. Radiant floor heating provides a consistent presence of warmth that is even more apparent in a smaller structure.