Radiant in Residential

Even condos can feature radiant floor heating for exceptional comfort

Mon, 12/30/2013 - 11:18

In the northern city of Toronto, it's much harder to find lofted, one-bedroom apartments or condos. The style that is much more common in cities like New York, are relatively scarce in Toronto - and not for lack of demand. As a result, when a property fitting this description goes on the market, the competition is fierce. The Toronto Star reported that a condo that is about 595 square feet in size is gaining a lot of attention because of its fine features. 
"Situated in a heritage building on King St. W., this one-bedroom loft features oversized windows, almost 12-foot-high ceilings, exposed brick and radiant-heated floors throughout. It sold for 97 percent of the listing price in just over a week," said listing agent Jason Bondy-Sawyer, according to the news source. 
Features like radiant floor heating make this space not only unique in Toronto, but also highly desirable. The eco-friendly heating technology helps a budget-conscious individual keep his or her finances in order. Unlike traditional heat delivery options that use vents, radiators or baseboard units, radiant floor heating provides warmth in a consistent manner through the floorboards. This means that the heat is applied to the room more directly, with homeowners able to walk across the toasty material. 
In addition, the absence of radiators or baseboard units means that every inch of the relatively small space can be used to the best of its ability. There's no need to design around bulky heating units that can take up necessary space and be a sore sight. This is the modern solution a condo owner would be proud to show off - if there was any physical sign of the system.