Radiant in Residential

Escape winter's chill with radiant floor heating

Tue, 03/05/2013 - 22:35

It seems like the northeast can't go more than two weekends in a row without meteorologists predicting that a winter blizzard will soon be coating the region in the white stuff. Snow, snow and more snow has been on the forecast for the past couple of months. Escaping indoors is the only option for many who are not a fan of the cold temperatures of winter. However, in homes that are not properly outfitted with a high-quality heating system, the winter chill can still be felt, which is why it is important to invest in an effective utility solution. 
A radiant floor heating system can effectively fill a space with warm air from the floor to the ceiling. With radiant floor heating, a homeowner will not have to deal with the spotty coverage that is often produced by more traditional systems like baseboard heating and forced hot air. Instead, heat will be evenly displaced throughout a space and a homeowner will not have to cower under the covers or avoid going near windows for fear of catching a chill. Combined with quality insulation and windows with a high R-Value, radiant floor heating will create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation so a homeowner can escape the harsh winter cold outside. 
In addition to being highly effective, radiant floor heating is also incredibly energy efficient. The heating solution can maintain temperatures within a home without consuming large amounts of energy - regardless of whether the system is feeding off renewables or traditional energy sources like oil or gas. Consider the merits of installing a radiant floor heating system and experience the wonder of having a heated escape from the winter chills.