Radiant in Residential

Engineer outfits his California home with energy efficient technology

Fri, 07/20/2012 - 13:57

Appearances are often deceiving in real estate, and the home of one California resident plays into this notion, as a residence that looks like it belongs on a Flintstones set is actually as modern as possible.
The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that Hal Brody, an engineer and environmental advocate, built his residence to look like many of the older pueblo-esque buildings in California. However, he wanted the interior to reflect the latest advances in real estate and efficient technology, and his final product does not disappoint.
According to the news outlet, the installations that Brody made earned his residence the coveted Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification, as the U.S. Green Building Council bestowed its highest honor upon the residence.
The LEED Platinum home contains a significant number of energy efficient products, including solar energy, graywater irrigation, steel framing, radiant floor heating, LED lighting and zero-VOC materials and paints.
Brody gained more points for his residence than any other home in Southern California, and the mechanical engineer worked closely with his interior designer to make these energy efficient installations fit seamlessly into his house.
The inclusion of radiant floor heating allows a home to lower energy expenditure, which not only helps to limit the negative impact a residence has on the environment, but it also cuts energy costs by a significant margin.
Radiant heating systems also provide a homeowner with an impressive amount of comfort, as these products limit the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling. These systems can also be zoned, allowing certain parts of the residence to receive more heat than others, limiting waste and providing the perfect amount of warmth.