Radiant in Residential

Elegant farmhouse features radiant floor heating

Wed, 07/31/2013 - 08:03

In the heart of Hershey land, one farmhouse has recently been listed for sale. The Patriot-News reported that the home located at 380 Meadow Lane is wowing potential homebuyers with its expansive land and modern amenities.
According to the news source, the 35-acre farm sits in the middle of gently rolling pastures and features great views that are ideal for someone who wants to reconnect to nature. There is a stream, woodlands and pastures as far as the eye can see surrounding the house. Just listed at $1.09 million, the home isn't just in a picturesque area, it also contains a number of operationally efficient technologies and high-quality features. 
There is a towering fireplace in the great room that is flanked by two built-in bookcases, a loft office and a bright, open kitchen. According to the news source, the home was built with an open floor plan to allow everyone in the house to socialize and interact with each other. To promote comfort and operational efficiency, a radiant floor heating system was installed throughout the house. The sustainable heating option is the ideal solution for such a home that features towering ceilings and large, expansive spaces. Unlike traditional options that use vents, radiators or baseboard units, a radiant floor heating unit ensures there are no cold spots in the house because warmth is spread evenly. 
In addition, a radiant floor heating system is operationally efficient and will allow the home to remain heated and comfortable without breaking the bank of the new property owner. The decrease in heat loss and combination of greater support systems like high R-value insulation makes this an ideal solution for the luxury farmhouse.