Radiant in Residential

Eco-friendly homes with radiant floor heating

Mon, 11/25/2013 - 08:18

Across the country, homebuyers are looking for new properties that feature a number of eco-friendly features. This allows an individual to reduce the monthly utility bills associated with running a home, and is especially important for new property owners who are just beginning to pay the expenses associated with running a house. 
One of the best investments a homeowner can make is a radiant floor heating system. The energy-efficient technology is an ideal solution for a homeowner. The solution saves considerable money due to using less energy than a traditional forced hot air system. A radiant floor heating system provides consistent heat and doesn't allow for heat loss to occur.
The energy savings and the comfort the technology provides is why one homeowner decided to install the system. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a home in the community of Oakland has been outfitted with a number of eco-friendly solutions. For example, the property at 8210 Skyline Boulevard features large windows that allow plenty of natural light in to the house. This decreases costs associated with illuminating the space and provides and excellent view of the area.
Homeowners save even more with the radiant floor heating system that decreases the amount of energy that is needed to warm a property. This technology consumes less energy than a traditional system that uses vents, baseboard units or radiators, because the warmth is applied directly to the room. Anyone in the room has contact with the floor or materials that are touching the floor, which means that heat is applied directly and the thermostat for the property can be set at a lower temperature.