Radiant in Residential

Eco-friendly homes feature radiant heating technology

Mon, 07/11/2011 - 04:21

Many families that are looking for a new residence may not consider the long-term benefits of choosing an eco-friendly model for their house. Although the upfront cost can be slightly higher, the savings that occur over time make this purchase well worth it in financial terms.

These new homes feature everything from radiant heating to seaweed bedding, as each new product serves a function that ensures maximum sustainability and the newest cost-saving techniques, according to TreeHugger.com.

Different models of the new residences are available, but the eco-friendly theme for each house remains the same. The decor tend to be more modern, as the artwork featured in the trendsetting abodes is a blend of style and practical design, the environmental company noted.

Though the amenities that are present in these homes may be designed for environmental purposes, many of these specific features are built around the idea of practical green technology. Individuals will not have to suffer any type of downgrade to be in compliance with a nature-friendly property, reported TreeHugger.

Technology like radiant floors can help to save money on heating costs, as the system relies on heat transfer and is more efficient than baseboard heating, according to the Department of Energy.