Radiant in Residential

Eco-friendly condos go up for sale

Mon, 03/18/2013 - 09:49

It's not uncommon for consumers who are making the transition from renters to homeowners to decide to take a baby step and purchase a condo. After all, these properties have some of the perks of renting, including on-site maintenance and smaller-square footage, but also feature the benefits of owning - a significant investment. 
Potential homebuyers in the Bay Area concerned about finding an eco-friendly property are in luck. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a condominium featuring a number of modern, energy-efficient technologies and materials is up for sale. Located at 414 40th Street, Number 302, the property is 1,030 square feet in size and listed as for sale for $469,000. 
The two-bedroom, two-bath condo has bamboo floors that cover a radiant floor heating system. The utility option is highly effective and fills a home with warmth and comfort without straining itself or letting unfavorable cold spots to develop. When combined with quality insulation, radiant floor heating can drastically reduce the costs associated with keeping a home at a set temperature. Imagine, owning a space and being able to feel comfortable and warm in it - regardless of what time of year it is, without having to worry about next month's heating bill. 
In addition to radiant floor heating and sustainable wood flooring, the condo also features ENERGY STAR-rated appliances and dual-paned glass windows and doors. The property features the high-quality technologies and materials that will boost the relaxed atmosphere of the space, without negatively impacting the environment. 
The condo also includes cherry cabinetry in an elegant kitchen, a view of San Francisco from the master suite and a covered deck. Consider the benefits of purchasing a condo that has been outfitted with the latest in modern, eco-friendly technology.