Radiant in Residential

Design a luxury home on an affordable budget

Mon, 08/19/2013 - 12:48

Homeowners who want to create an exceptional space are often looking for the materials and technologies that are both economical and luxurious. It takes the right combination of characteristics to turn a house into a home. For those with high-quality tastes or hate feeling cold, the inclusion of a radiant floor heating system in a home is an ideal solution. This utility technology is both functional and comforting and a homeowner can enjoy the consistent presence of heat throughout the day - without worrying about high monthly bills. 
A radiant floor heating system can be installed under almost any flooring material in a home, which means that it won't impact the desired interior design of any living space in a negative manner. Instead, a radiant floor heating system frees up space in your home by removing the need to design around vents, baseboard units or radiators. The piping laying underneath the floors allow warmth to slowly rise from below to fill the entire living space with consistent heat - without needing pesky delivery units cluttering up the home. 
In addition to providing exceptional warmth to a space, the utility technology is also able to help a homeowner to reduce his or her monthly energy bills. This combination of comfort and energy efficiency is what makes radiant floor heating the right solution for any homeowner. It offers both functional and luxury and makes a homeowner feel slightly decadent in his or her house, without the guilt associated with increasing living costs. Go green this year in comfort with the help of a radiant floor heating system from Warmboard.