Radiant in Residential

Delaware home attracts new homebuyers with radiant floor heating

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 17:52

A beachfront home in Delaware has been listed as for sale and those perusing the local housing market are intrigued by the property. The Cape Gazette reports that the home at 9359 Shore Drive, Prime Hook Beach, was built in 2007 and features both cosmetic and technical upgrades and finishes that boost the value of the property.
The four-bedroom home features technologies like a Bose surround sound system throughout the home with remotes in almost every space - inside and out and a high-quality security design. Esthetically, the house has been outfitted with features like a stained glass door created by a local artist, custom inset cabinets, huge windows, chef-quality kitchen and appliances and a sink with a hands-free pedal. Each of these separation options in the home were selected by the previous owners, who desired both comfort and sustainability.
As a result, a radiant floor heating system was installed throughout the house underneath the marble flooring, according to the news source. A radiant floor heating system offers a homeowner the ability to walk across the floors of his or her home without feeling a chill in any weather. However, it's not just the comfort the utility provides that makes it an ideal option. The heating technology is also operationally efficient and allows a homeowner to reduce his or her monthly utility costs. 
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a radiant floor heating system applies heat directly through the floors in a house using infrared radiation and is a much more effective option than traditional warmth delivery systems like vents and radiators. Because the technology eliminates heat loss, homeowners can save money and know that the energy they are paying for is not being spent "heating" the outdoors.