Radiant in Residential

Crafting an eco-friendly outdoor patio

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 13:31

As the spring swiftly approaches, homeowners have begun to search for the best ways to renovate their homes at a low cost. As these months bring a sense of renewal and reawakening, people can make their homes reflect this new sense of rejuvenation.

Building an outdoor patio can provide a comfortable and open space for visitors to your home, whether they're looking for a fun place to relax and drink iced tea, or they're interested in spending time enjoying the fresh air. Homeowners who are looking to add a patio but want to remain environmentally conscious should consider the following ways in which their decks can be eco-friendly:

Craft the structure from recycled materials

Choosing the perfect texture for your patio is the first step. After deciding whether you'd prefer the rustic look of cured wood or the high absorbency of concrete, search for companies that sell these building materials from recycled means. Mother Earth Living recommends that when perusing environmentally friendly options, consider building your patio from recycled plastic or glass, both of which can be easily transformed into a smooth surface that prevents the spread of harmful toxins into the earth. While concrete may be cost-effective, the site suggests brick or stone instead, as they are highly reusable and may not be difficult to come across.

Utilize green products

When you're thinking about the decorations to line your new deck, consider purchasing lightly used furniture from a local thrift shop, or repainting items that have been sitting in your garage for months. Using these types of items can help cut both cost and unnecessary waste, as homeowners are using items that would have otherwise taken up space in a landfill. 

Organic Gardening also suggests that when painting or treating your patio, try to use low- or no-VOC water-based products, as they are much less likely to spread harmful substances.

Radiant heat provides benefits for the outdoors

Installing radiant heat flooring for your deck can lead to a number of benefits, including a reduction in allergens and dirt spread through the air. Heat emitted from this type of heating system does not move around quickly, so small dust mites do not carry with the wind. Additionally, during the early spring months, radiant heat ensures that temperatures remain warm and cozy, providing a perfect blend of natural air and comfortable heating. When winter returns next year, homeowners with radiant heat on their outdoor patios can rest easy knowing that ice, snow and cold temperatures are not likely to affect the system's functions on the property.