Radiant in Residential

Cozy home features radiant floor heating

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 14:35

The average homeowner isn't trying to live in a mansion or stone fortress. In contrast to the celebs, millionaires and starlets featured on the gossip rags at the grocery store check out, most people are looking for a nice colonial, ranch or cozy place to call home. Just because the property is smaller and not located in the Hollywood Hills doesn't mean the property has to lack some fabulous luxuries. 
Eric Woodhouse understands this and purchased a property in 2006 that has since been renovated. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Mill Valley home has been outfitted with a number of energy-efficient technologies that improve the look and feel of the house. The five-bedroom home includes solutions like a rainwater catchers, radiant floor heating and solar panels. 
The solar panels provide the house with enough energy to run many of its systems and drastically reduce the operating costs associated with the property. According to the news source, the radiant floor heating solution was selected because it is highly compatible with solar technology and runs off less energy than a traditional heating option like forced hot air that uses either radiators, vents or baseboard units. This means that the heating utility will be less of a strain on the solar technology producing power for the home. 
In addition to drawing less energy than most heating utility options, a radiant floor heating system produces warmth consistently, which boosts the comfort felt within a home. The constant delivery of heat through the floorboards helps the system to run more efficiently and allows for no cold spots to develop. Heat from the pipes underneath the floors also means that a homeowner will never have to experience the discomfort of walking across a cold surface in the morning.