Radiant in Residential

Coveted property gets a much needed update

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 16:42

Some properties are desperately in need of updates and renovations. For example, the Spicer House has always been a unique property in northern Denver. The North Denver Tribune reported that the 2013 Mayor's Design Award has been awarded to the Tudor home, which sits on the edge of Sloan's Lake. The coveted property is owned by the Spicer family, who has had the home in the family since 1964. The granddaughter of the original owner, Jeannine, and her partner, June Eshelman, took on the challenges of maintaining the exterior of this majestic home, while renovating the interior for modern convenience. 
Many of the materials used in the interior of the home had to be removed due to age. According to the news source, the homeowners selected a number of high-quality replacement materials that would improve the look and efficiency of the property. For example, instead of replacing the old traditional forced hot air system in the house, Jeannine and June decided that a radiant floor heating system would be the ideal solution for the property. 
A radiant floor heating system is a more effective and efficient way to keep a home warm during the cooler months. The consistent delivery of heat through the floorboards means that there is never a hot and cold spot in the house. The piping runs evenly throughout the rooms, and the power of conduction decreases the chance of heat loss from occurring. In addition to being highly effective and transferring heat, the system is also eco-friendly and runs off less oil or natural gas than average systems, like forced hot air, that uses baseboard units, radiators or vents.