Radiant in Residential

Contemporary country home offers luxury

Fri, 05/10/2013 - 20:30

Located in the picturesque landscape of Johnston, Iowa, is a contemporary luxury home. The property has recently been listed as for sale and features a number of high-quality materials and technologies to improve both its appearance and how systems function.
The 4,400-square-foot home is a two-story structure that maximizes the use of large windows and high vaulted ceilings to make rooms appear even more spacious than they are. The Johnston Patch reports that the great room has a 20-foot ceiling with windows going from the floor to the ceiling to allow light to flow into the space. 
With all of the windows located throughout the property and the open-floor plan, it was important for the previous homeowners to install a heating solution that would keep temperatures consistent throughout the house. A radiant floor heating system produced consistent heat levels so there are no unexpected hot and cold spots. The utility option is also highly effective at reduces heat loss, which makes it more energy-efficient than traditional systems like radiators, baseboard heating or force hot air. 
As energy prices continue to increase, it is important for homeowners to find solutions that are able to reduce operational costs associated with running the average residential property. Radiant floor heating provides the perfect blend of luxury and practicality. A homeowner can save a significant amount by installing a radiant floor heating system. When combined with high R-value windows and insulation, a property becomes an energy-efficient structure. 
Johnston Patch reports that the Johnston home located at 7109 North West 95th Court, includes a radiant floor heating system throughout the house. This means a homeowner can take a dip in the property's in-ground pool and then walk inside to the comfort and warmth of a house heated with radiant floor heating.