Radiant in Residential

Connecticut colonial home goes green with radiant floor heating

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 17:52

In Greenwich, Connecticut, a 1905 colonial home has been upgraded with the latest in energy-efficient technologies. The Greenwich Citizen reported that the house was updated to meet 21st century standards of living. 
Known as the Crowley house on Brookside Drive, the Georgian Colonial has earned a plaque by the Greenwich Historical Society as a Landmark House. As a result, the cutting edge upgrades added to the home had to go through a rigorous approval process to ensure that any changes would not structurally harm the house in terms of historical accuracy. 
"We now have a new version of a 1905 colonial," owner of the house Jim Crowley told the news source, "It's an old and a new house."  
In 2011, the house received the Connecticut Home Award of Honor from the Connecticut Green Building Council, reported the news source. Most of the major renovations to the home focus on improving the energy efficiency of all the utility systems related to running the building. According to The Greenwich Citizen, the home has been outfitted with a geothermal heat pump, solar panels and radiant floor heating. The combination of these modern technologies and improved insulation levels in windows, doors and exterior-facing walls have allowed the Crowley's to greatly reduce operational expenses. 
The geothermal heat pump provides the radiant floor heating system will all of the energy necessary for keeping warmth flowing into living spaces. Radiant floor heating is an energy-efficient utility option that can be installed in older properties without negatively impacting the historical design of the structure. In addition, older properties are often found with high levels of allergens - a radiant floor heating system will eliminate the spread of dust and pollens that can make living in home unbearable for those who suffer from allergies.