Radiant in Residential

Combat winter weather with radiant heat

Mon, 01/20/2014 - 13:00

While the benefits of installing radiant heat throughout the different rooms in your house are numerous, several individuals have discovered how its effects can be maximized when properly installed outside of the home. When utilized correctly, radiant floor heating systems have the potential to combat severe winter weather, including the accumulation of ice and snow, both of which could cause hazardous conditions.​Sidewalks and driveways
Winter weather has the potential to sneak up quickly, leading to inches of snow or layers of ice, both of which could prove to be incredibly tricky when trying to commute. Radiant heat systems can be installed underneath both sidewalks and driveways in order to prevent the accumulation of these dangerous conditions. By running piping underneath these popularly traversed walkways, the system can assist in keeping areas safe while remaining energy efficient.In addition to keeping ice buildup at bay, this technology can help save a large amount of time, energy and money when it comes to manual snow removal. These systems reduce the need for shoveling, plowing and scraping throughout the winter months. Additionally, should homeowners feel the need to go outside, whether to check the mail or just get a breath of fresh air, heated driveways and sidewalks allow the ability to walk around without having to put on winter or snow boots.Swimming pools
Whether your swimming pool is situated inside or outside of the home, radiant heat flooring can be installed alongside its edge, meaning you never have to step onto a cool floor after climbing out again. Though a consistently heated edge would be nice for an outdoor pool, the real advantage comes during the winter months when your pool isn't seeing much activity. Installing radiant heat along the outside of a pool keeps the area warm all year round, meaning owners have the option to use their pool throughout the winter. The heated area can also prevent the formation of ice along the edge of your pool, saving potential damage.Outside patios
By keeping outside patios constantly warm, this technology allows homeowners to utilize their outside spaces throughout the year. Instead of being forced to close off an entire area of your home for several months out of the year, radiant heat allows the luxury of heated outdoor rooms. Heated decks also provide homeowners the opportunity to allow pets and children the freedom to enjoy open air without worrying about being too cold.