Radiant in Residential

Colorado Springs home listed for sale includes radiant floor heating

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 18:29

A Colorado Springs home listed as for sale is gaining interest because of the numerous cosmetic and structural additions included in the property. The New York Times reports that the two-story home includes three bedrooms and four bathrooms and is a sprawling 4,061 square feet in size.
The Santa Fe-styled home is outfitted with tall ceilings and many large windows. These cosmetic features allow for rooms in the house to feel exceptionally spacious and open. People are able to gain panoramic views of the surrounding landscape of the Spanish Peaks and the Sangre de Cristo range. Because the region is protected and the property sits on 34 acres of land, potential homeowners do not have to worry about future developments ruining the view and natural landscape surrounding the house.
These features are prominent reasons for why a homeowner may want to consider owning this property. However, it is the additional, supporting structural and operational technologies that make it an exceptional property. A radiant floor heating system allows the home to remain comfortably warm, despite the large amount of windows located throughout the property. Combined with high R-value windows, radiant floor heating can provide exceptional comfort for guests and residents without costing a small fortune.
In addition, this property includes a 785-square-foot guest suite on the first floor of the house. With radiant floor heating and zoning technology, a homeowner is able to turn off the heat to this portion of the structure when no one is using it – allowing for greater cost savings.