Radiant in Residential

Colorado residence combines energy efficiency and scenic views

Fri, 07/27/2012 - 13:14

Although the idea of living in the mountains seems like a prison sentence to some Americans, homes out in the middle of the wilderness can be extremely pleasing to some. Certain residences can take a little bit of society and place it out in the woods, as combining modern technology and scenic views may help to serve as a happy medium for city folk and rugged outdoorsmen.
However, while conveniences like radiant heating can bring a large amount of warmth to a homeowner, even in the middle of the wilderness, there are still dangers like fire that provide an unwanted heat.
Residences in the Colorado mountains are especially risky endeavours for potential homeowners, but the risk of wildfires is not enough to deter people who want to enjoy luxury right in the middle of nature.
"You assume the risk of living somewhere where the potential for fire is higher in order to enjoy the benefits that serene mountain living provides," Geri Oliveira, a realtor at Wright Kingdom Real Estate in Boulder, Colorado, told Distinctive Homes.
While mountain home sales are dependent upon people overcoming fears about living far away from society, many realtors are adding a number of modern amenities to these residences as a way to entice city folk who want a retreat on weekends and vacations.
"As with the real estate market in general, mountain homes are experiencing a big revival in interest," one realtor told the Distinctive Homes.
Products like radiant heating systems help to attract buyers, as this technology can make even the coldest Colorado winters bearable. Unlike older heating systems, these modern fixtures help to limit waste, lower costs and provide a more even distribution of heat.