Radiant in Residential

Colonial home features radiant floor heating

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 08:25

In New England, the winters are long and residents are often looking to invest in solutions that will increase their comfort, but decrease their utility costs. For these individuals, a radiant floor heating system is the ideal solution and purchasing a property with this technology is beneficial. 
Wicked Local reported that a home in the luxury community of Needham, Mass., includes this eco-friendly technology. The distinctive house is a classic red brick Colonial at 423 Dedham Avenue. The property features a number of high-quality characteristics, including a flagstone entrance, gleaming oak floors and plenty of crown molding throughout the house. The hardwood floors not only have a mahogany inlay, but also a radiant floor heating system underneath.
A radiant floor heating system is able to provide a homeowner with excellent comfort. The warmth travels through the floors through the power of conduction, which means that a homeowner will never again have to wake up in the morning and walk across a cold floor. This eco-friendly solution is not only beneficial because it improves comfort and relaxation, but also because it saves a homeowner money.
The technology consumes less energy than a traditional heating system that deploys heat through vents, baseboard units or radiators because it decreases the chance of heat loss from occurring. In larger homes, a property owner is able to set different areas of the house on separate zones so that the temperature can vary and decrease energy use. By investing in the right solution, a homeowner is able to both save money and improve the comfort he or she feels inside the house.