Radiant in Residential

The cleaning Seawer

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 09:00

Every day more and more eco-friendly ideas make their way from concept to reality. Innovations in wind and solar power, along with a massive amount of other ideas and projects, propel forward the affordability and practicality of these tools so they can be used by the masses in public buildings as well as people's homes. Environmentally friendly construction moves like radiant heating, xeriscape gardening and proper ventilation are excellent ways people can reduce their carbon footprint in the world and move to a more sustainable future. However, some people think far ahead of where we are now - sometimes so far that the mere idea they present could seem like something from science fiction, but these are the thoughts that work to tackle global problems on a wider scale than just one house at a time.
Annually, Evolo hosts a skyscraper competition that challenges designers and architects all around the world to submit their visions for the next great structure utilizing technology and ingenuity. This year's contestants came up with solutions to a number of problems the world faces today. The only question is if any of them can be implemented in time to do anything about it.
Sung Jin Cho of South Korea submitted his idea called Seawer, of which's purpose is to tackle the growing problem of ocean pollution; particularly plastics, according to Inhabitant. This floating skyscraper recycles the seawater it takes in and separates it from the tiny plastic pollutants contained within before ejecting the clean, filtered water back to sea.
Powered by the sun and ocean, this floating building generates its own electricity while also processing all the collected plastic in its own recycling facility. It's designed to gradually float from one polluted section of ocean to the other, making a positive impact on the ecosystem of wherever it goes. Designs like the Seawer offer perfect opportunities to further implement existing technologies like radiant heaters to use their surroundings and provide everyone with the most efficient way to live.
Ideas like the Seawer give people hope that human imagination has yet to use everything it can come up with as tools to fix today's problems and, in the future, apply everything we've learned to better the planet. Not only does the Seawer help our ocean's waters, but it provides a place for people to live and work, free from fossil fuels. We all benefit from concepts like this as we work towards a better tomorrow for everyone.