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Cleaning the Earth is one thing, cleaning the rivers is another

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 08:23

Climate change has gotten people very conscious about the environment and ways to protect it. Innovations like radiant heaters and solar technology offer cleaner alternatives to prevent people from further contributing to the pollution filling up the planet. But even the best heating system can't do anything about the litter and trash that's already there. The pollution on land can be dealt with in an easy manner if the initiative is there, but the garbage gliding along the bottom of rivers is another matter entirely.

Dyson vacuums have long been known to homeowners everywhere for their advanced suction technology and founder James Dyson looks to be eyeing use of those innovations elsewhere. He's come up with an idea called the M.V. Recyclone​, which would create a potential solution to underwater pollution in rivers by implementing his cyclone technology on river barges, reported Time magazine. 

His concept would use a sort of dragnet to collect garbage along the riverbed as the barge moves upstream, according to Inhabitat. After making its way up to the barge, a giant cyclone would shred plastics and sort them out depending on the type. This would eliminate the massive piles of trash slowly decomposing and releasing harmful chemicals into the waters before any damage is done to the ecosystem.

Dyson admits the idea still needs some fine tuning such as how to prevent any underwater creatures and fish from getting sucked up onto the barge, but it's a step in the right direction to tackle a growing problem around the world. Though not ready for development, it addresses a relatively quiet issue, bringing it closer to the forefront of the sustainable debate and providing a jumping off point for other solutions. Active clean-up and preventative measures are needed to reduce the cost of a polluted planet on both people's finances and their health.