Radiant in Residential

Chicago property wows homebuyers with radiant floor heating

Fri, 08/30/2013 - 13:49

Homebuyers searching the Chicago housing market for a luxury property in an in-demand community may want to consider taking a trip to Lincoln Park. Chicago Magazine reported that a $1.249 million estate has been listed for sale and is attracting a lot of attention because of its unique design and quality amenities. 
According to the news source, the home features a number of levels that each have a designated purpose. The front terrace, two floors of living spaces, a third floor dedicated to a master suite and a roof-top deck all make this property unique in the Windy City. The unique loft design of the structure allows for the creation of wide open space that opens up into views of the city from all angles. 
Everyone of the numerous levels in the home has been outfitted with radiant floor heating to promote the spread of consistent warmth throughout the house. Chicago Magazine reported that this technology, as well as others, was installed to increase the energy efficiency of the property and to help reduce the operational costs associated with the home. A radiant floor heating system decreases the chance for heat loss, which is crucial character trait in a home with so many large windows. 
Aesthetically, radiant floor heating is a strong option because it allows for more square footage used for an interior design. A homeowner does not have to place furniture around bulky baseboard heating units, radiators or vents. This allows furniture to be placed closer to the walls and increase walking space. In a modern design, this is especially important because the style works to create a streamlined look. 
Radiant floor heating helps makes this luxury home an even better buy for those searching for a modern structure in Chicago.