Radiant in Residential

Chicago home built with California style

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 19:35

A Logan Square house in Chicago, Illinois, has recently been listed as for sale in the coveted neighborhood. Chicago Magazine reports that the home features a few additions that are a rarity in the crowded urban landscape - like a personal, suburban-styled garage that is away from the street. 
When parking is a premium, features like a garage can attract the attention of many potential homebuyers and create competition. However, the parking matter is hardly the only characteristic of this home that is a luxury. According to the news source, because of the somewhat odd shape of the property, the architect, Chris Talsma, built the home to make the best use of the space and incorporated a lot of windows to allow for natural light to entire each room. 
Cedar has been included around the bay window, asymmetrical window patterns and a metal fascia to distinguish the property from its neighbors. The additions included in the home when it was being renovated were not just focused on appearance. Chicago Magazine reports that the homeowners also made sure to include a number of green materials and technologies in the design of the house. Spray-foam insulation has been installed within the walls to reduce energy loss and prevent cool air and heat from escaping the house. A radiant floor heating system was included in the design because it is more effective than traditional heating options and can provide comfortable warmth throughout the house. Because of the open floor plan of the house, an effective heating solution that can fill an entire space without wasting energy or struggling to meet demand was necessary. 
Green building solutions and smart design can attract potential homebuyers and provide the comfort and luxury anyone could enjoy.