Radiant in Residential

Carriage house turned upscale abode with radiant floor heating

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 07:08

Renovations to an older property have breathed new life into the oft-overlooked lane at the intersection of Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights. New York Curbed reported that Brooklyn's Doughty Street is the latest avenue to feature a unique piece of property that potential homebuyers are clamoring to get a look at. What was once a carriage house has been renovated into a modern, cozy home. 
According to the news source, the property is listed for sale at $2.25 million and features a secret walled garden and green space - an unheard of luxury in the cement jungle of New York City. The upper levels of the house overlook the front yard with large windows in the living room, master suite and a small bonus living space that can be used as a home office. The lower levels contain an open dining area and kitchen, two additional bedrooms, a second bath and a private parking garage. 
To boost the comfort felt in the home, a radiant floor heating system has been installed on the first floor of the property. There guests can feel welcomed in a space that has outfitted with a technology that provides consistent warmth delivery. Unlike more traditional systems, which use vents, radiators or base-board units to produce heat, radiant floor heating technology does not push warmed air throughout a room. Instead, through the process of conduction, warmth travels from the floor to the air molecules in the house. Heat is therefore concentrated on the ground floor and rises throughout the day so that people experience the greatest warmth without increased operational costs. Consider the benefits of a radiant floor heating system when walking through a home that's up for sale.