Radiant in Residential

Canadian home ups asking price due to radiant heating, energy efficient products

Mon, 06/18/2012 - 17:41

A new home in Vancouver, British Columbia, has been put on the market, and due to the inclusion of several key energy efficient products, the asking price has increased since it was first made available, the Vancouver Sun reported.According to the news outlet, the property, which sits in the Hamilton neighborhood in the northern section of the city, was initially built in 2001. However, construction was stalled and the project was not finished for several years.During this time, new products were installed in order to account for the growing construction costs. These included the installation of a radiant heating system, new hardwood floors, two gas fireplaces and a built-in vacuum.According to the Sun, there was also a stormwater runoff recycling system that was installed, adding to the green nature of the residence and increasing the value of the home further.The flooring was installed to give the residence an older feel, while the radiant heating system was placed underneath as a way for future owners to cope with the harsh Canadian winter.A radiant heating system helps to limit the amount of energy that is needed to provide a home with an adequate level of heat, helping to save both the environment and the homeowners' wallet.Because the system operates with limited energy use, savings can be directed toward other areas. This allows for a homeowner to make other additions or renovate a different area of their residence.Radiant heating systems also help to add a level of luxury to a home, as the comfort-inducing technology warms the entire body of a person from the ground up. Guests will experience a whole new feeling and homeowners will be able to bask in both the heat and the compliments that are likely to follow.