Radiant in Residential

California residence outfitted with radiant heating system

Wed, 10/05/2011 - 09:42

A Menlo Park, California couple decided to go against the grain when making an addition to their home, as they decided to dig down to create more space instead of building up, according to Palo Alto Weekly.

Alan and Libby Beasley decided to solve their family's quest for space, and for an easier route to the backyard instead of through the shrubbery, by adding another level below their rancher, reported the news source.

After the couple presented their idea to the architects and builders who would be responsible for the project, they noticed that the plan was much more drastic than they originally assumed, according to Palo Alto Weekly.

"They kinda just kept digging," Alan told the news source.

The couple decided to use a concrete floor in the basement, and wanted to install a radiant heating system underneath because of their love for the environment and the energy efficiency of the technology.

A radiant heated floor can be added to a residence, as part of the subfloor, and can be placed under a variety of flooring options in order to maximize efficiency and the aesthetics of a residence.