Radiant in Residential

California home maximizes efficiency of adobe material

Fri, 08/24/2012 - 16:01

The use of adobe for the construction of homes is more popular in California than in other areas of the country, but the material may become mainstream given some of the benefits provided by its use in residences.
According to the San Jose Mercury News, the home that is shared by Christine Laing, Scott Mosher and their two teenage girls is made of adobe bricks, and the residents noted that it provides a soothing feeling for those who are inside.
"It has a texture that helps the house feel warmer and authentic and unique," says Laing.
Since the couple decided to build the home with adobe material, they also chose to include radiant floor heating, and a number of other energy efficient products in the initial construction, due to the fact that adobe tends to provide a more permanent structure than other options.
"The house worked really well, I must say. The layout was a good one," Laing says. That was good luck, because, in a house made of adobe, she noted, "you really can't, without a lot of effort, move walls."
The inclusion of a radiant heating system not only helps to improve the value of a residence, but it also lowers the long-term operating costs and limits the negative environmental impact that a home has through a reduction in carbon emissions.
The comfort level of a home is also positively influenced by this product, and many people look to radiant floor heating as a way to make winter months more bearable. Families like the Laing-Mosher clan are often happy with their decision, and the long-term benefits are often well worth the initial investment.
"We kind of want to do it exactly the way we want to because we want to live here a long time," Laing told the news outlet. "Which is why it's taking forever."