Radiant in Residential

Bundle up: Ready a home for winter without breaking the bank

Mon, 11/19/2012 - 10:36

There are many components to a home that can add or detract from electricity bills, and homeowners should remain wary of what is going to add to already-high energy costs.
Eileen Wysocki, residential energy auditor for Holy Cross Energy, told the Vail Daily News that there are a number of steps that homeowners can take to prepare their residence for the winter months without going broke.
If one doesn't prepare properly, however, they may be hit with especially high heating bills, often after it is too late to take action.
"People don't think about electricity usage until they get their bill," Wysocki noted. "It's not like filling your gas tank and you can see the cost (up front). Electricity (bills) aren't until the end of the month, and you've already used that energy. A lot of the energy use in your home comes from heating and cooling systems. Even if you have gas heat, you're still going to have some electric usages."
If people own a winter home or ski retreat, installing the right equipment into the residence can be an especially effective move. Undertaking a project during the warm summer months will allow an individual to have everything readied for when they head to the house during the chilly months.
"I see a lot of second homes that are only used one month out of the year," Wysocki said. "A property manager can have it drained and re-winterized when the homeowners are away."
Homeowners can install technology like a radiant heating system during these off-times, with the product being ready to use once the winter cold is ushered in at the end of fall months.