Radiant in Residential

Brooklyn apartment features energy-efficient warming system

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 07:50

A stunning condo in Brooklyn is wowing potential homebuyers with its fine modern amenities. The New York Times reported that the unit contains one bedroom and one bathroom in an elevator building. The 18 foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling south facing windows allow the space to feet open and remain filled with natural light.
The Prospect Heights condo is a great unit for those who enjoy modern amenities, the central AC and radiant floor heating system keeps the property completely temperature controlled regardless of what time of year it is. Because of the high ceilings, it was important to use a heating utility option that could filled the space with warmth without breaking the bank. A radiant floor heating system creates heat at the ground level, so that a homeowner can take advantage of the warmth and feel it on his or her body before it rises to the ceiling. 
In addition to promoting feelings of comfort because the heat is being produced underneath the floorboards, the system is also energy efficient. A homeowner is able to fill the condo with warmth without spending as much on utilities that would be used for a traditional heat delivery system that uses vents, baseboard units or radiators. The modern amenity reduces heat loss and points the heat directly at where it is best suited - the bottom half of the room. The heating option also reduces the chance of heat loss from occurring, which is when energy escapes in under-insulated spaces like the ceilings or floors of a home. 
A potential homebuyer looking to purchase a comfortable home in New York City may want to consider a condo or house that has been outfitted with radiant floor heating.