Radiant in Residential

Boston home of the week features radiant heating system

Wed, 08/17/2011 - 09:16

A remodeled Boston, Massachusetts home has been redone to appeal to modern couples, as the contemporary is located in a quiet section of the city and comes complete with all of the latest efficient and practical technologies and amenities, according to The Boston Globe.

The 25,000-square-foot lot is located right on the beach, and comes with a large wooden deck that houses a new built-in hot tub for days when the river water is too cold, reported the news source.

Complete with a redesigned living space, the home comes with cathedral ceilings, dark exposed beams, skylights and cooling fans, along with half-moon windows to provide maximum air-flow and storage space, the Globe reported.

Due to the expansive ceilings and size of the main living spaces, the home has recently been equipped with the latest radiant heating system. The entire first floor features this technology to combat the cold winters that Boston endures, according to the news source.

Newly remodeled homes with high ceilings may be perfect for radiant heating systems, as this technology can provide maximum comfort due to way that this system spreads out the warmth between the floor and ceiling more effectively than forced-air systems.