Radiant in Residential

Boost comfort with radiant floor heating

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 15:19

There are a wide range of heating technologies available for a homeowner to select from. However, only one provides exceptional comfort and remains operationally efficient. A radiant floor heating system is the ideal technology for a homeowner to invest in. The utility solution provides consistent delivery of warmth with the power of conduction and thermal properties. Heat is stored within the flooring material, the furniture that comes in contact with the floor and even the walls so that heat is radiant back toward the open spaces in the room. 
Because a radiant floor heating system provides warmth at the ground level and does so consistently, a homeowner is able to reduce the temperature settings for the house. The constant presence of heat at the height that a homeowner spends most of his or her time means that a home that is typically set to be warmed to 72 degrees for example can be set at 69 degrees and feel exactly the same, if not warmer. A forced hot air system is proven ineffective and inefficient. The push of warmth at certain intervals instead of consistent presence means that the utility must burn more oil or natural gas throughout the day to heat a structure. 
A radiant floor heating system allows a homeowner to reduce his or her monthly bills and improve the sustainability of the home. Without having to decrease the comfort felt within the home, an individual is able to improve the function of the house's systems and the comfort and relaxation he or she feels in the house. A radiant floor heating is an ideal solution that will pay for the initial outright costs in no time because of its efficiency.