Radiant in Residential

Boost comfort in a country home with radiant floor heating

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 15:50

A home doesn't have to be built in a modern or industrial style to feature energy-efficient technologies. There are plenty of material and utility options available to homeowners that allow for creative interior designs filled with character. For example, a country-styled home located at 9255 27th Sideroad has been listed as for sale at $2.995 million. The house features six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, which makes it ideal for a large family or a homeowner who has plenty of guests that come for a visit. 
The National Post reported that the Ontario home in Willington County is the highlight of the community. The 46-acre country estate features a wide range of native plants and animals outdoors and includes materials that can be found locally inside the house. The use of natural stone, brick and wrought iron is a theme throughout the entire house. These materials, while high in quality, are also produced or found locally, which improves the carbon footprint associated with the construction of the house. 
Combining green technologies with home styles that are more about the small details like Craftsman, Victorian or Country homes requires attention to detail. Using a modern material that is perhaps eco-friendly, but out of character with the style of the home can actually damage the value of the property in some cases. 
A radiant floor heating system is an easy technology to include in any home because it will not negatively impact the design of a house. The technology is essentially invisible to the naked eye, providing heat with the power of conduction through the floor. Warmth radiants and is stored within the flooring material, whatever it may be, to boost thermal qualities in a space and provide comfortable living conditions. 

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