Radiant in Residential

Benefits of radiant floor heating

Fri, 08/23/2013 - 13:05

Are you tired of walking on cold floors or high heating bills? There's a single technology available for homeowners that can solve both problems. A radiant floor heating system is both a luxurious and practical solution for the average homeowner. Here are some of the benefits associated with the sustainable solution:
1) Energy and cost savings. The rule of making home improvements based on practical reasons is covered with radiant floor heating. The heating solution uses less oil or natural gas to provide warmth to a space, which means that a homeowner can save on monthly heating expenses. A radiant floor heating decreases heat loss in comparison to other more traditional heating solutions because warmth is directly applied to a space and starts from the floor up. Radiators, baseboard units and vents all allow heat to travel throughout the house before it every reaches the intended destination - letting some of it escape into the walls and ceiling into the outside world. 
2) Increased comfort. A radiant floor heating system directs heat from the ground up, which means that the people using a space will feel the warmth as soon as it enters a space. Heat rises, so starting its disbursement at the floor means that people will get the most use of the temperature before it cools and rises. This also allows a homeowner to slightly reduce the temperature a thermostat is set at because heat is being applied directly to living spaces, which means it doesn't have time to cool.
3) Improved home value. A radiant floor heating system offers homeowners exceptional value. It is a highly sought-after feature in many homes, which means that installing this system will increase the value of your home.