Radiant in Residential

Bay Area home features fantastic views and a radiant floor heating system

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 15:23

A custom home has recently been listed as for sale in the Bay Area. The San Rafael house, located at 226 Bayview Drive, overlooks the bay and features a number of high-quality characteristics. 
The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the home was built in 2007 on a vacant lot. The architect and homeowner worked to incorporate multiple design influences into the look of the home. With plenty of sharp angles, glass and juxtaposition, the home makes a statement on top of the hill. 
"My dad was an architect, and it was fun to get involved with the building of this and study how people move around in a home," Neill Allen, the original owner of the home, told the news source. "What I really love is how we were able to meld three different design styles."
The home includes many sharp angles, glass finishes and long vertical lines. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the design was inspired by the work of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. On top of the unique look to the home, the architect and Allen worked together to include a number of energy-efficient technologies that would reduce the carbon footprint associated with the property.
The news source reports that a radiant floor heating system was included in the design of the house to promote exceptional comfort. The system provides continuous warmth throughout the house without using large amounts of energy, which allows a homeowner to reduce his or her monthly utility bills. 
In addition, often the homes designed by Wright, who was the inspiration behind this modern structure, included radiant floor heating. Installing radiant floor heating system inside this high-quality Bay home was because of its numerous benefits and a tribute to Wright's architectural genius.