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BaseCamp lets you charge your phone by burning wood

Thu, 05/22/2014 - 11:24

Technology has become part of life for many people around the world. Because of this, electricity has become a vital necessity to continuously power the wide array of devices people have with them at all times. This need often conflicts with the outdoors for those who enjoy camping, hiking and other such activities. Portable batteries of all shapes and sizes have been the required evil to charge mobile phones, laptops and GPSs. In terms of sustainability, there aren't many options out there for people seeking a greener alternative.

BioLite ignites for campers' convenience

There are many technological innovations that have found away to take something naturally occurring in nature and morph it into a practical application. This can be solar panels taking in sunlight to power homeowners' houses or floor heating using radiant heaters to transfer heat from warm water. These solutions are much more eco-friendly than the conventional methods most people use, but what about outside of the home?

BioLite is a company that's committed to creating technologies that use wood to perform a variety of tasks with the same ease and efficiency as fossil fuels. They've developed a portable stove for the outdoors that uses wood to not only cook like a campfire should, but charge campers' devices, according to Inhabitat. By burning wood, the stove can generate up to 5 watts of electricity with a power pack attached to the side that charges electronics using a USB cable.

The BaseCamp stove is everything one would need

The features of BioLite's BaseCamp stove are geared toward efficiency and portability with a versatility that makes it easy to overcome many of the typical problems encountered in the wilderness. The whole design can be folded and transported with an attached handle. Attached to the power pack that converts the energy from the fire into electricity is a LED light to keep everything illuminated, reported Geeky Gadgets. No one has to fight over who gets to charge their phone first either since multiple devices can be charged at once.

A simple lever can even change the fire for cooking different kinds of meals, whether grilling or broiling the food, and an ashtray attached to the bottom ensures a clean and safe campsite.

With sun and water already being used to power houses, buildings incorporating technology to convert wood-burning fires into power could provide just one more alternative to fossil fuels. 

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