Radiant in Residential

Award-winning home in British Columbia features radiant heating system

Fri, 07/15/2011 - 09:39

Ann and Gordon Baird, two Victoria, British Columbia, residents have constructed a sustainable house that won the Cascadia Green Building Council's "Greenest Modern Home in the World" award, according to the Vancouver Sun.

The house that the two Victoria residents built features modern technology and amenities for both comfort and sustainability. With the latest enhancements to their house, the Bairds have obtained their goal of not having an electricity bill, due in large part to the extensive hydronic in-floor heating system that was installed throughout the premises, the news source reported.

"When we started building the house in the spring of 2007 we set out to reduce our carbon footprint — and we succeeded," Baird, who majored in biology and ecology, told The Sun. "Energy cost was also important, but we wanted something that works with, instead of against, nature."

The high energy efficiency of radiant floor heating has contributed to the popularity of this type of system in low-temperature climates, as residents in colder areas can enjoy warm floors instead of traditionally cold tiles, according to Stock Markets Review.