Radiant in Residential

Architect includes radiant floor heating in Michigan home

Mon, 01/07/2013 - 09:22

Architects are often charged with designing a number of high-profile and private structures. In both instances, the professional works to build trust and deliver a final product that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

Northern Michigan's Magazine reports that Joe Lambke, owner of the Chicago-based architectural firm Animate, has designed a home for a family of four that includes a number of energy efficient components. Lambke has worked a number of significant projects, including trendy urban restaurants, the Theory and Computing Sciences Building at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, and a neo-Gothic funeral home. 

But now Lambke is focusing on building a residential structure in the small town of Bellaire, Michigan. The news source reports that he was attempting to construct a modern home that combines industrial structural qualities and the surrounding natural landscape.

"The trust went both ways," Lambke told the news source. "The clients trusted our aesthetic, but there were ways we adapted to their lifestyle as well."

The inclusion and accentuated connection between the man-made home and the natural world around the home was a main priority for the homeowners.

"Because of this focus on the outdoors, we wanted to detail the house so that it was visually clean, and also easy to maintain," Lambke told the news source. 

Northern Michigan's Magazine reports that an eco-friendly focus was also a concern. As a result, a number of energy-efficient technologies were included in the design of the structure.

Radiant floor heating was installed throughout the home. A masonry wood stove is used to supplement some of the heat needs in the house, while the radiant floor heating system is powered by a small boiler tucked into a closet.