Radiant in Residential

Apartment complex in South Korea to feature radiant heating in every room

Wed, 07/20/2011 - 08:57

The rising price for natural gas and oil have led many homeowners and construction companies to favor a green approach to the new houses that are being built, as energy savings are increasingly important during these tough economic times.

A transition to solar power and radiant heating has occurred in Seoul, South Korea, as officials from the Asian country have applauded the increasing number of companies that have made the switch to energy-efficient homes, according to Korea IT Times.

An apartment complex in Seoul emerged as the first solar-powered apartment complex in the country, though the technology is not limited to panels that line the roofs of the many rooms. Each residence comes complete with in-floor radiant heating, designed to maximize the flow of clean air while providing heat to residents, the news source reported.

The strong government interest in promoting this complex is part of a plan to have all new housing utilize this technology by 2020, according to the Times.

Unlike forced-air heating, which tends to waste energy and contaminate the air, radiant heating provides consistent, even warmth from the ground up.