Radiant in Residential

Alternative heating trend: Radiant floor heating

Mon, 09/23/2013 - 11:24

Homeowners who are looking to upgrade their heating system may want to consider looking at alternative technologies. While traditional home heating systems have served properties across the globe for decades, and delivery options like vents, baseboard units and radiators have come and been updated, there is a more effective option out there. A radiant floor heating system can offer substantial benefits to a residential property owner. Here are the top two benefits associated with a radiant floor heating system:
1) Operational efficiency. A radiant floor heating system provides a homeowner the opportunity to decrease operational costs because the technology is more efficient than traditional heaters. Regardless of whether a home runs off oil or gas, the heating system uses less energy because it delivers consistent and applies warmth through the power of conduction instead of forced hot air. In addition, a radiant floor heating system also decreases the chance of heat loss from occurring, which means that all of the energy being consumed to heat a space is not traveling outside the house and going to waste. Invest in a technology that is going to decrease monthly utility bills without decreasing comfort. 
2) Improved comfort. Forced hot air systems often cause the air to dry out and push fine particulate matter like dust, dirt and pollen around the house, which can cause respiratory irritation. Improve the comfort felt within a home by selecting a radiant floor heating system. This technology provides a consistent delivery of warmth that is not pushed around a home in bursts. In addition, because air is not being vented into a space, there is no where for common household irritants to stay and they are not traveling around the house.