Radiant in Residential

Washington home to mix sustainability and whimsical design

Fri, 01/20/2012 - 10:33

A new modern home that features expansive views of Mount Rainier has recently been completed in Snohomish County, Washington. The whimsically-designed residence has many green features like radiant heating and will give the owner a sense of privacy due to its location, according to the Arlington Herald.

"You can't see any houses," Wally Thomas, the owner of the home, told the news source. "I like living somewhere where you can't see any houses."

The eco-friendly home was built on the top of a large hill across from the daunting Mount Rainier, and Thomas wanted the residence to be equipped with sustainable technology in order to protect the environment, a symbolic gesture for a residence surrounded by nature on all sides.

The home received attention in local papers, according to the Herald, as the sustainable design and spectacular views were admired by realtors and architects in the area. The builder of the house noted that a client like Thomas was a rarity, as he placed an equal emphasis on green construction and comfortable living.

"It's nice when you get a client like Wally who's interested in contemporary architecture," he told the news source.

While the home doesn't have solar panels on its roof, it does have a radiant heating system to help minimize the impact that the residence has on the environment.

A radiant heating system helps to cut energy consumption due to the effective nature of its design. The technology doesn't need to be set to as high of a temperature as the owner wishes it to feel like, as the warmth radiates around a room and gives the individual an impression  that it is warmer than it is.

The radiant technology operates like the sun on a winter day, proving a person with a sense of warmth despite the actual temperature, allowing for less energy consumption.