Radiant in Residential

Warmboard radiant heating systems: Lower operating costs and increased efficiency

Fri, 04/13/2012 - 08:38

The use of radiant heating systems is not something that is new to the housing market, but the progression of technology has helped to increase the efficiency of the products that are available to homeowners.

This premium method of heat has always carried a premium up-front cost, but rising energy costs have motivated many consumers to look at the long-term benefits of installing this technology.

Products like Warmboard radiant heating systems have become increasingly popular due to homeowners taking a long-term view of their houses and looking to lower operating costs on an annual basis. The slightly-higher up-front expenditure will be evened out by the savings that will be seen over the life of the residence.

The low operating cost that is associated with these systems has been proven over the years, as many homeowners have seen their monthly electricity bills cut - even during the worst winters. Forward thinking consumers will be able to position this long-term sustainability against the installation costs.

Customers agree, as the Warmboard system has both lowered their energy costs and has made for a much more efficient product than what homeowners had initially used.

"The Warmboard radiant system is perfect. Quiet, invisible, and comfortable. Thanks for your help – it all came off without a hitch," one customer noted. "The system continues to perform well and our heating bills are substantially lower than last year. We’re very happy with our decision to use Warmboard."

The increased level of comfort that is provided by the product comes from the efficient delivery of heat through highly-conductive aluminum tubing, as the system warms a room in an expedited manner and keeps an environment at roughly the same temperature throughout.