Radiant in Residential

Warmboard listed as one of top 20 green building innovations of 2011

Thu, 01/19/2012 - 10:13

Jetson Green released its list of the top 20 green building innovations of 2011, as the products that made the list all had a significant impact on the sustainable building and energy efficient sector. One of these, Warmboard's Retrofit Radiant Floor Panel, transformed the way that people think about radiant heating.

According to the list, Warmboard unveiled their new retrofit radiant floor panel, which is thinner than the standard version, but provides the same radiant heat performance.

Because of the thinner design, the new Warmboard panel is ideal for remodels and renovations. The company had received feedback from customers who noted that they wanted a thinner panel, and the business was able to deliver, according to Jetson Green.

"Warmboard-R has a square edge and is made with aspen and pine OSB in 2′x4′ panels.  The surface has 1060 alloy aluminum to create a uniform layer of warmth.  This provides higher output from lower water temperatures," according to Warmboard.

The news source reported that the new product allows for both in-floor and ceiling applications, as homeowners can determine where they think it would be best. Due to the new thin design, it works well in both places, and the same type of performance can be expected.

The radiant heating system from Warmboard is able to deliver exceptional warmth throughout a residence, as the technology is able to limit both the parasitic heat loss and the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling.

The new panel delivers this same minimal temperature difference between the floor and ceiling as its predecessor, as the technology helps to spread the heat out evenly, especially when compared to conventional heating systems.