Radiant in Residential

New York home to be heated without fossil fuels

Wed, 02/01/2012 - 10:21

A new residence in Queensbury, New York, is going to be reliant on fuel sources other than coal and gas, as the house will use solar heat to power its radiant heating system, according to the Saratoga Post-Star.

The news source reported that the home will use energy from the solar panels on the roof to heat the radiant heating system that was installed throughout the first floor. The water is heated by the solar energy and then pumped through tubing put into the home as part of a subfloor.

This then allows for a quick and efficient source of warmth for the homeowners, as they will be able to provide heat to their house in a more effective way than by using a traditional heating system.

Builder and architect Travis Kline's goal is to show that a large home can run effectively on alternative systems, as he noted that modern technology has made it easier to lower heating costs and limit the total energy use that a home is responsible for, according to the Post-Star.

"I'm a proponent that design can help determine how people live," Kline told the news source.

He built the home for his parents, but they did not think that their green and sustainable residence would be as large as it was, due to the technology that was put inside.

"They weren't necessarily looking for something this big," he said of his parent's new home. "They think I'm crazy."

A radiant heating system can help to minimize heating costs, as the technology runs more efficiently than older systems and doesn't account for as much parasitic heat loss, a problem often caused by cracks and holes in radiators, heating ducts and air vents.