Radiant in Residential

New York brownstone combines energy efficiency, luxury

Thu, 05/10/2012 - 06:16

A newly renovated brownstone in vibrant Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, New York, has all the amenities that any modern couple would want, as the builders included a number of energy efficient technologies along with luxurious products throughout.

The New York Times reported that this residence features a number of modern amenities including a new laundry machine, dryer and dishwasher, sleek fixtures in the kitchen, central air conditioning and new lighting throughout.

The location of the apartment also helps its owners balance their time between the luxurious side of New York and the small amount of nature that exists in the city. Tree-lined streets are conveniently close to subway stops, bars, dining and shopping establishments and several cultural landmarks.

This will give its owners a taste of both sides of the city, and their home will maintain this balance.

According to the newspaper, the new flooring that was placed throughout works well with the subfloor radiant heating system that was installed in the residence, as the hardwood will give off the physical and aesthetic feeling of warmth.

Although some radiant heating systems, like those from Warmboard, are able to work with hardwood floors, other products ruin the flooring due to the high temperature of water that they require for use.

A Warmboard radiant heating system does not require the water being pumped throughout the system to be at an extremely high temperature like the products of its competitors, eliminating the possibility of the floor covering being ruined by the heat.

This is made possible by the type of paneling that is used for the system, as the aluminum that is used on the panels helps to increase the conductivity of the system and thus requires less energy to achieve a high level of warmth.