Radiant in Residential

New Chicago home to feature green technology, refurbished furniture

Thu, 05/03/2012 - 09:57

A tour of one of Chicago's greenest homes is re-opened for 2012, as the residence that balances the use of refurbished and re-used furniture and modern energy efficient technology will be open to the public.

According to the Museum of Science+Industry Chicago, the home uses refurbished pieces of furniture, inventive light fixtures, recycled materials for cabinets and a series of products that help to limit the energy consumption for the residence.

The news source reported that the use of recycled goods is juxtaposed with the sleek and modern design of the home, as the unique structure has an array of large windows that allow sunlight to enter into the residence. 

The cushy home is tucked into an enclave near the museum and has parts of Chicago scattered throughout the building. There are tables made of material from old machinery in the city's south-side factories and lamps comprised of reclaimed iron pillars from other industrial complexes around the region.

Though the green technology and recycled furniture are aesthetically pleasing, the use of these products is supposed to show residents of Chicago how to green their homes in order to reduce energy use.

Products like a Warmboard radiant heating system are perfect examples of how to provide a high level of aesthetic and physical comfort while also limiting energy use.

The design of the Warmboard radiant heating system allows for the delivery of warmth through a product that is invisible to the naked eye, quiet and clean. There is no noise and no air pollution from this system, and its efficiency helps to drive down electricity costs.

Guests will be amazed at how warm the floors are with this product, and owners will be shocked at how little it costs to keep a residence warm over the course of a winter.