Radiant in Residential

Massachusetts barn renovated to include radiant heating, modern technology

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 09:41

Amy and Iain Kerr bought a weathered old barn outside of Boston, Massachusetts in 1997, and the couple put significant effort into renovating the structure into a home complete with all of the modern amenities and technology, according to The Boston Globe.

The newspaper reported that the couple decided to keep some of the original parts of the home, including a metal haylift that hangs from the second-floor ceiling, but also had efficient new technology like a radiant heating system installed on the first floor.

According to the Globe, the radiant heat that is provided throughout the home works well, due to the high ceilings that exist in the former barn. The Kerr family chose to install the technology after determining that the residence needed to be equipped with modern conveniences in order to provide a comfortable setting for them and their guests.

"When we bought this in 1997, it was a barn," Iain Kerr told the newspaper. "It had no plumbing, no wiring, no heating, no nothing."

The massive framework inside the home, complete with beams that served as the supports for the heavy roof on the old barn, allows for maximum airflow and a significantly sized living room and kitchen. The high ceilings also allow for sunlight to pour in from several skylight windows that were added, according to the Globe.

Radiant heating systems work well in residences that come with high ceilings, as the technology helps to distribute the heat more evenly in a home. The temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is only two-to-three degrees, as compared with the more than 10 that can exist for more traditional heaters.